Whatever your plans - funding a college education, protecting your loved ones, or anticipating retirement - GAFRI subsidiaries offer fixed annuities, variable annuities, and fixed-indexed annuities that can help put you on course for a rewarding future.

An annuity is a contract between you and your life insurance company. How exactly does an annuity work? You contribute money into an annuity and, in exchange, the company agrees to make a future income stream available to you. Please note annuity contracts may contain charges and investment penalties that could impact your principal.

The key benefits of annuities are access to an income that depending on the settlement option you select, you potentially cannot outlive and potential relief for your family from probate after you are gone. In addition, contributing to an annuity can provide safety for your principal as well as tax-deferred growth of funds.

Fixed Annuities
A fixed annuity gives you the stability of a fixed interest rate that is determined by the Company and is guaranteed never to be below a minimum interest rate. It is a vehicle that can guarantee a stream of fixed payments over the life of the annuity. A fixed annuity can be a deferred annuity, for which there is time elapsed between the Purchase Payment and the stream of payments, or an immediate annuity, which gives you access to a stream of income immediately after you purchase it. Also, a fixed annuity can be flexible premium or single premium. Flexible premium annuities allow for multiple purchase payments, while a single premium annuity requires one lump-sum Purchase Payment.

Variable Annuities
A variable annuity is a deferred annuity that allows you to participate in the investment of annuity funds by determining how much of the Purchase Payment will be invested in a series of accounts. These accounts can range from general accounts to a series of subaccounts tied to various financial markets. Variable annuities can allow for flexible premiums and single premiums.

Visit our Variable Annuity Performance Center to review the performance of Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company's variable annuity investment options.

Note to Current Variable Annuity Contract Owners: Visit Variable Annuity Compliance Documents to access prospectuses, prospectus supplements, and annual/semiannual reports for the variable annuity products, offered by Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company®.

Fixed-Indexed Annuities
A fixed-indexed annuity is a variation of a traditional fixed annuity and gives you the opportunity to earn interest at an interest rate that is determined according to a formula based, in part, on the change of a referenced index. The advantage of a fixed-indexed annuity is that you won't lose your money, regardless of index performance, unless the contract is surrendered during the early withdrawal period. Plus, your indexed interest locks in each year. Fixed-indexed annuities can also be flexible or single premium.

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